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Drills - September 6, 2015

TDXL Volume 5

HSS Extra long drills (without coolant holes) utilizes OSG's new WD1 coating to inhibit drill wear. Can achieve non-step drilling up to 20 times diameter.

Drills - September 5, 2015

AD-(LS)-LDS Volume 2.1

EgiAs-coated Carbide Starter Drill.

Reamers - August 24, 2015

CRM Volume 2


Carbide straight reamers. Solid carbide for thoughness & high wear resistant. For high precision finishing due to diameter tolerance of 0 to 0,005 mm.

Endmills - August 24, 2015



High feed radius end mill for titanium. High finishing efficiency bottom finishing. Solid carbide with high wear resistance. 70 mm neck length.  

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Taps - August 2, 2015

A-CSF - A-CHT Volume 1

Straight and spiral-fluted carbide cutting taps with internal coolant supply for through and blind hole applications.