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Endmills - February 4, 2019

CM Series

For high efficiency roughing in heat-resistant alloys. Available in peripheral or end cutting edge. 

Corporate Profile - January 17, 2019

Corporate Profile

Spindle tooling - January 11, 2019

SynchroMaster • SynchroFit

The combination of SynchroMaster and synchronous feed machines brings out the best of your A-TAP tools.

Industry Solutions - January 1, 2019


OSG Composite Solutions
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Drills - November 28, 2018


ADO-SUS drill series is OSG's premium line of carbide coolant-fed high performance drills, designed to drill in a wide variety of applications, including stainless steel and titanium alloys. New coolant hole shape improves coolant flow, chip evacuation and suppresses cutting heat generation. This reduces work hardening, which leads to longer tool life during tapping and reaming operations.

53 New DIN shank sizes added.

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